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Have you ever walked through your warehouse and wondered where all those assorted glass vases crammed on your shelves came from? You bought them for events, thinking guests would take the centerpieces home with them, but dozens were left on the tables. Too nice to throw away, you thought, “Maybe I can use them later” and hauled them back to the warehouse, where they seemed to multiply somehow.

Here’s a fun and very easy way to give those discarded glass vases new life. Typically, frosting glass is done by sandblasting or acid etching, however, there are products that achieve the same effect with very little effort and expense.

You will need:
• Glass vases (you can use vases that are scratched).
• Painters tape.
• Decals (optional).
• Frosting spray paint (purchased at hardware or craft stores).
• Glass cleaner.

How to frost the vases:

• Clean and dry the vases you’re going to use.
• Use painter’s tape or decals to make a design on each vase. Remember, the glass will be clear where tape is placed. Make sure the edge of tape is secure to glass to prevent paint seepage.
• Shake the spray paint vigorously.
• Hold the paint can 6 inches from a vase and spray evenly in a horizontal motion. I used just one coat for the vases shown in the photos. For a more opaque look, spray on a second coat.
• Let the paint dry for 15 minutes.
• Slowly peel off the tape or decal from each vase.
• Smudges and marks can be removed with a clean cloth and glass cleaner.

There are many ways to use these rejuvenated vases—especially for the holiday season, when “frost” is so appropriate. You can use them with florals, as buffet centerpieces, to hold food, to serve as risers or more.

A great upsell is to suggest to clients that they personalize their event with
a monogram or corporate logo on frosted vases.

Use this easy and inexpensive effect at your next event!


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