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but first, coffee…

A few firsts have happened so far this year.

James and I stayed at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park for our 6 year anniversary.  Always wondered how the hotel looked on the inside. It’s SO old! And beautiful! No ghost interaction. But there was an awkward all ages New Year’s shindig! I love Estes Park. It was a great anniversary.  #year6

I took Nuka Behr to see Dad in February. It was our first long trip together. Nuka does SO good in the car. She’s the best road trip buddy. She’s exactly what I asked for in a dog. Love her so much! #TeamNuka

First girl trip! Albeit short, it was awesome that James and Leyna found a way for her and I to hand out in thew mountains for a weekend in the woods. SO fun! Hung out in Breckenridge, thought about tats, drank wine, jumped in feet of snow… fun! #heybear

I finally got my sciatica/back looked at and went to physical therapy. It was a miracle, ha! I wish I had gone sooner, but here we are. My therapist worked out the kinks and I feel like I’m back to normal. #finally

I was able to attend the Global Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle! #DreamComeTrue #BucketList This was the first coffee expo where the former SCAE & SCAA came together. It was my first time volunteering/attending. It was my first time visiting Seattle. Kenya was the Expo’s portrait country this year – I got to watch some warrior dancers; hug one; have a photo taken with one; bought a necklace handmade in Kenya. I met some of the coolest people in Seattle – both at the Expo and just in the city. Can’t wait for next year! #CoffeeExpo2018

A week later, James an I flew to Houston with festival gear in tow for Middlelands – a rave held at our beloved Texas Renaissance Festival faire grounds! D’uh, we HAD to go! Houston was it’s hot during the day, but freezing at night…?! Didn’t expect that, but then I’ve never been camping in Houston.  Made some new friends in Arizona! I got hella burnt, yaaaaaay.  :/  Heard some amazing music though, which was the point. It was our first time to see #SevenLions and the boy did not disappoint. Dropped in hard & didn’t stop until he was threw with us. A night I’ll never forget. A weekend we wont forget. Pure love and needed release. #plur

I walked out on a job. It was supposed to be a manager job. It was a lead bus boy job. I had to clean shit off of a toilet on Mother’s Day. I was called a janitor. Nope. #Iknowmyworth

I trained/worked at one of the cutest coffee shops in Denver for just one day. #opportunityknocked

After almost 2 years of flailing about in the coffee scene of Denver, I finally arrived at my destination. I now work at Novo Coffee! I couldn’t be more excited about this job and everything it will hold for me. Now this is the adventure in coffee I’ve been waiting for! Knowing about them for years. Enjoying their coffee for about 2 years at close proximity. Their relationships, quality product, standards…etc. I couldn’t ask for a better opportunity in the industry. This is it! I’m in love. I feel complete. #home

Let see what else I can get into this year.


❤ L