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2012 Summer X Games…

…courtesy of ESPN

Skateboards, rally cars, BMX bikes, moto X…the list goes on, and so does the tradition.

I’ve been interested in extreme sports since i was in high school, and I’ve been watching X Games (summer & winter) since i was 21. I finally tried snowboarding when i was 22 and I’ve been hooked.

Then, I made James jump on the bandwagon a few years ago while we were dating.  🙂

Though I haven’t moved passed the realm of snowboarding, just to watch those guys & gals fly through the air and do sick tricks gives me such a rush – as if i was right there with them.

James and I have talked MANY times about going to see the Winter X Games since it happens to take place in one of our most favorite places ever – Colorado! One day…ONE Day!

I’m ready for this year’s summer X Games to start, and it’s just a mere 2 days away.

And what’s great, about the days this year’s games happens on is that it will end on July 1 – this marks 1.5 years James and I have been married.  *blush*

So let the celebrations and traditions continue!